About Jam Mission:

Jam Mission came about during lockdown when Rob decided to write and create a new song each day as music and singing has always been his passion but he never had the time to jam. Rob recorded songs every day and friends kept asking when he was going to record the tracks. When the first phase of lockdown was completed but the extension was announced, he decided to record the songs as there were many requests. There was just one obstacle, he needed to get musicians to join him to complete the songs. He contacted a mate Damien, who referred him to his guitar teacher, Pieter and he introduced Rob to Quintin, the bassist and Pano, the drummer and percussionist. The next objective was to record and jam live so Rob made contact with Selvan from Fine Tune Studios. Fast forward a few days later, he tested different systems and platforms with Kyle from Fine Tune Studios and the musicians. They then decided they wanted to show people how they jam live and create a full song as well as how to create a song with all the different musicians adding their interpretations. Rob thought this was also a good way of supporting people who are affected by Covid – 19 and decided to support operationhunger.org.co.za If you enjoy the jamming session and want to support charity feel free to donate on Zapper with the QR code.

Special thanks to:

Selvan and Kyle from Fine Tune Studios

JD for design and development

Pieter – Guitarist

Pano – Drummer and Percussionist

Quintin – Bassist